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American Standard Heat Pump


American Standard Heat Pumps

Platinum ZV Heat Pump

Welcome home to comfort. Our Platinum ZV Variable Speed Heat Pump comes with AccuComfort™ technology that allows the system to consistently adjust to run at a more efficient speed to maintain your personal level of comfort. Plus, with up to 19.75 SEER and 10HSPF, the Platinum ZV Variable Speed Heat Pump is both efficient and quiet.

  • High efficiency
  • Maximum comfort through multi-staged heating and cooling
  • Quietest operation compared to nearest competitors



Heat pumps
American Standard 14 Seer Heat Pump


  • Our 16-SEER heat pump saves up to 50 percent on your heating and cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions* by significantly surpassing government efficiency standards
  • Many models meet efficiency requirements for a federal energy tax credit when installed as part of a complete system**
  • Keeps operating noise to a minimum, even in extreme temperatures
  • Heats and cools with an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is ozone-safe
  • Provides more efficient and reliable cooling, thanks to its Spine Fin™ coil and durable Duration™ compressor
  • Rust-resistant coating, screws and basepan protect system from the elements



14 Seer Heat Pump
American Standard Air Handler
Air Handlers
  • Unique cabinet design allows less moisture and fewer dust particles to be drawn in from garages, attics and crawl spaces. This design also helps prevent energy loss and virtually eliminates condensation.
  • Simplified connection to the Comfort Control enables faster, easier installation that is less invasive to your home
  • Runs quietly and keeps temperature even from room to room with its variable-speed fan motor
  • Leaves you feeling cooler and more comfortable by removing unwanted humidity from the air
  • Vortica™ Advanced Airflow System improves airflow while reducing energy use and operating sound (available in select models)
  • Fully enclosed insulation increases efficiency while eliminating loose fiberglass insulation in your airstream
  • All-aluminum coil enhances system life and reduces the chance of refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere


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